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Micro Screening

Huber offers reliable and innovative solutions for advanced wastewater treatment by means of filtration, active carbon filtration and micro-screening. This leads to a significant effluent quality improvement by addition of following treatment stages – for biologically treated wastewaster and also for raw wastewater:

Filtration of biologically treated wastewater serves for removal of suspended solids (suspensa) remaining in clarifier effluents. Such suspensa contain about 50 % carbon, almost 10 % nitrogen and over 1 % phosphorus.
Around 1 mg/L (ppm) of phosphorus remain in the effluent, even if the biological treatment stage is designed for enhanced biological phosphorus removal and/or chemical phosphorus precipitation. Subsequent filtration is necessary where stringent phosphorus limits must be reliably maintained.

Micro-screening is also possible for the treatment of raw wastewater that is discharged into the sea of large rivers. Thereby almost all solids and, if required, also phosphates are removed.


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